We are glad to welcome you, dear MU ONLINE players. Our goal - is to provide you with the opportunity to prove yourself as a CONQUEROR and in DIPLOMACY. Only with joint help, as from our side and as well as from your side, the server can provide a long and exciting life. So let's plunge into the interesting world of war and diplomacy.

Sincerely, Server Administration

  •  For a more comfortable game and without interfering with the balance of the server, there will be 5 - Waves of placing Donat items.
  •  All items in the store will be placed at the server level!
  •  Before starting the client, please visit the section: About the server.


 Why mu online ?

  •  Balance, that has shown itself at the highest level .
  •  300 quests, which will not let you get bored in the world of mu online.
  •  A qualitative project, that the team worked on.
  •  Live and tall online.
  •  Technical support from the administration 24/7.
  •   Constant innovations in the game and on the site.
  •   The server is built on the basis of: WARMU + Add-ons.



 Rates and Start

  •  Lively economy! We will definitely appreciate zen, jewels and other game items.
  •  Game type - PvP (and search for unique items)



Kind Regards, Administration MU ONLINE


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Posted 24 / 04 / 2021
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Currently this is only one server.